Two Year Olds

The goal of our two’s team is to welcome each family to their classroom and foster a sense of security by taking the time to learn the personalities and likes of each child.  This approach ensures students and parents that they are in a safe and nurturing preschool environment surrounded by experienced teachers who love them.

Students who join our two year old class will be given the opportunity to explore the world around them as they learn the goals and objectives found in the creative curriculum for Two’s.

Our two year olds are freely exposed to academia via our indoor and outdoor classroom settings.  The daily activities in our two year old classrooms include: social and emotional interaction with their peers and teachers in learning centers, pre-reading and writing, phonemic awareness through songs, a fun introduction to numbers, colors, shapes, and the opportunity to express their maximum level of creativity through art.  Please contact a director to schedule a tour of our facility and find out more about our 5 day, 3 day and 2 day programs.